What We Are All About

Since 2015, Coastal Chiropractic has focused on providing the Crystal Coast with effective and evidence-based solutions for pain relief and overall well-being.  

Our 3 Chiropratctic Physicians, Dr. Sarah Randles, Dr. Adam Randles, and Dr. Brian Hooper and Licensed Acupuncturist, Suzi Stoffel all look forward to helping you overcome various health concerns with conservative care interventions.  
They have expanded beyond traditional chiropractic spinal manipulation and now offer many other options such as Graston, dry needling, other physical therapy modalities and Chinese Acupuncture to help individuals avoid unnecessary drugs, surgery, and prolonged discomfort.

Our team's goal is to offer early intervention and comprehensive care to empower the Crystal Coast community to move better, feel better, and live life to its fullest!

At Coastal Chiropractic, we operate according to the following principles:


We Save You Money

We allow 45-minute initial visits and 15 minutes of doctor time for follow-up visits. The combination of adequate doctor time and our integrative approach allows for an accelerated rate of improvement and fewer office visits overall, saving you time and $$. It does not have to cost thousands to be pain-free.

Our Patients Are Not Just A Number

We work together with you to arrive at an accurate diagnosis and to create a custom treatment plan that will address your chief complaint and individual needs to help you feel and function as well as possible. If for some reason we find we are not making significant progress after the first 4-6 treatments, we will not waste your time and money and will refer you to the best physician for your needs.

We Use An Integrative Approach

In addition to traditional chiropractic treatment, our providers integrate multiple non-surgical approaches to restore function and health. Not only will they address immediate concerns, but they will also address the deeper cause of your condition, will focus on prevention, and will foster the development of healthy behaviours and skills for effective self-care to minimize future occurrences. Our providers also work closely with other specialties and providers and make referrals when needed to ensure you get the comprehensive care you deserve.

We Are Evidence-Based

Our providers combine the latest research findings in the field of chiropractic with their clinical expertise and patient values to form a targeted and customized approach for each case. We adhere to the Golden Rule and treat our patients how we would want to be treated, which is based on current research and with compassion.

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